• Oppose any sales or income tax
  • Support PRO LIFE and Family Issues
  • Cut state spending without cutting services through better management
  • Fight for affordable Health Care
  • Protect our SECOND AMENDMENT Rights


Stephen Latest News

June 2012 Speaker Appoints Majority Leader
The Speaker of the House appoint Stephen B. Stepanek as Deputy Majority Leader in addition to being Ways and Means Chairman

September 2012 New Hampshire Primary
Stephen B. Stepanek was the top Republican vote getter in the Republican Primary in Amherst NH.

Sept 2012 Thank you for Voting
First of all, I would like to thank all of the people who voted on Tuesday, September 11th. It does not matter whether you voted Republican or Democrat, or whether you voted for me or one of the other qualified candidates on the ballot. What matters is that you exercised your God given right to vote. Today as our flag is being torn down and burned around the world, and as our fellow citizens who represent the United States are being brutally murdered, it is important that we all vote; that we do not take this important right for granted; that we are not apathetic.
So thank you for voting!

I would also like to thank all of the constituents who voted for me, and especially those who placed my signs in their yards. I was truly humbled by the number of people who cast their vote on my behalf.

As the campaign season ramps up to November, I will again be asking for your support. Regardless of whether you ultimately vote for me or another candidate, get involved on November 6thand again exercise that God given right to vote. Millions of Americans have in the past, and are still, fighting and dying to protect that right. You can pay them no greater tribute than to GET OUT AND VOTE! Do not let their sacrifices be in vain!

Thank you,
Representative Stephen Stepanek


Stephen Stepanek is uniquely qualified to equally represent both Amherst and Milford due to his deep personal involvement and intense interest in both communities.

Thank you for your support and vote!